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    You should read carefully. If the situation gets solved we have no reason to delete the items. The question you should ask yourself is why a complete stranger should gift you items.

    Also stop with the assumptions. You got banned the day he did the chargeback, is not like you got banned today cause we wanted you to miss events. If you were online we would have spoke to you but since you weren't we had to block the account. The reason is stated on my previous post, but feel free to believe whatever witch hunting theory you want to believe.

    Answer to the support if you want to solve your problem. Have you done it hours ago you this thread wouldn't exist.

    Isn't it funny that you question, that someone gifts items, when he were to quit the server, but accusing me of having some witch hunting/some kind of conspiracy theories at the same time? Isn't that hypocrisy? I knew the guy, because we used to be in the same guild, but I don't know him personally. Like I said, I'm going to quit anyway, but I wanted to address this situation before I leave. Thank you for your time and everybody else, who had input in this "feud" - appreciate it.

    I'm outtie.

    Just take the items on your own account until the debt is paid and then give them back to the player who originally purchased them.
    Why should bestion have to wait for that to happen? it's none of his business and now he is getting punished by not being able to play while events are happening and maybe he even looses time on his own IS stuff. Also it happens quite frequently, strangers are giving away stuff, because they stop playing. Especially in times like this, where the number of active players decreases heavily day by day, which, in my opinion, is the teams fault, because either they overlook the communites wishes, ignore them or are too lazy/incompetent to implement changes or make improvements to the game.

    Thank you. Someone understood my point of argument. I appreciate your contribution.

    just be honest and tell te truth that it was your account who did the chargeback

    First of all, you are jumping conclusions. You can ask Shadow to look up the IPs and he will tell you, that the IPs aren't the same. There are always two sides in an argument and you should'nt completely discredit my arguments based on someone else's opinion. Secondly what kind of advantages am I reaping? Those items had like 1 week left, would'nt it be smarter to use them the full duration?

    Well fair enough. Question for you though: Why do I have to miss out on events like "Metin Spawn" or Moonlight, if I would give you these items willingly? I'm sure you can delete these items from my account, I don't see the issue. Aren't you supposed to create a somewhat even/fair playing field for everybody (e.g. banning bots, hackers, bug users)? Your argument states that I'm not permanently banned, but by the time my ban is gone those events are gone as well and I have to wait for them, while others can access them in the mean time? How fair does that sound?

    Not to be disrespectful, but it sounds like you want to punish me for receiving items by excluding me from the events mentioned above.

    Hey there. On wednesday I received items from someone, who did a chargeback and I got banned yesterday. I wrote the support and got a response (see the image I attached) - apparently my account got banned, because I have items that should be banned too.

    Basically I didn't violate any terms of service and got banned. If I would have violated the terms of service, then sure I deserve to be banned, but this isn't reasonable. Why should I be punished, if someone else did a chargeback? Why do I have to be held accountable for someone else's actions? You could've removed those items instead - heck I willingly will give those items back. The actions taken against me were questionable, yeah I can see where you guys are coming from - you want to be paid for your services like any other person would, but I highly doubt, that the guy will pay his debt, so I have to stay banned for no reason.

    Enough of ranting, my friends and I will quit this server for good. We had a good time and started to play out of nostalgia. The server is okay, but the management is shady and I doubt, that this problem will resolve moving forward. So I'm announcing my retirement from metin (I know most of you won't care, but then I don't care). I wish everyone who continues to play on this server to have fun, I'm not going to miss the grind though. In a way I want to thank the team for the ban, because I can focus on more important things right now. Anyway, I can look back to this incident and have a good laugh at it, even though I lost my account that has 255kk in cash, items that are in total worth up to 1kkk and about 23 days of commitment on this server (no, I'm not being salty).

    I'm outtie (shout out to anyone, who knows the reference).

    PS: I recommend other players to be cautious, if someone gifts you items. You'll never know, you might get banned too.