Fix the client, i get too frustrated with this

  • As the title says, i get random crashes, im fine on 1 channel but if ill go in the same place on another channel it just crushes, a lot of random crushes, disconnects and getting stuck in walls or objects, i know that this server hasnt been on for a long time but you should fix these kind of problems in alpha/beta stages not during the official one.

    Thank you.

  • I just got the problem and i checked my internet status, i dont see a problem on my side, i uploaded the picture on the main post.

    Just because your download/upload speed is fast, that doesn't mean that your connection to the server is stable atall.

    You can have 10gb/s upload and download and still lag in game if the connection is shit.

    If you randomly get rubber banded and stuck in walls/objects, that means its lagg on your side - else everyone would experience that, which is clearly not the case.

    As for client crashes, theres an incompability with stuff like AMD PC parts, IPv6 Adresses and a few more things, so if you happen to have one of that, thats the cause.

  • Just reboot the server and stop talking nonsense. If AMD was the problem we would have gotten complaints earlier. Dont make a fool out of yourself, ch2 and ch3 are a joke. We are sick and tiered of complaining. This endless "you are wrong and should not assume.." bs is getting anoying.

  • He is not the only player complaining about having problems.

    I will not assume anymore that the server and client have a problem and that is why we all encounter this issues because that is absolutely a wrong thing to do and it is surely player's fault for having AMD and the most commonly used Ipv6 protocol but would you please look into it ? Maybe because of the last lunar eclipse you may also be wrong.

    To add to this - My computer is AMD and it fails less than my laptop which has Intel I7 but to be surely clearly put - they both FAIL A LOT.

    Another thing to strengthen my idea is that this issues were not present at the opening and late after the opening but happens only recently after the last update.

    Here is another post about this issue.

    [Change][Bug] Broken channels


    And please - if your server has a problem with AMD parts and IPv6 then please put it in the presentation of the server so we know to avoid it as we are getting mad as hell. It is very frustrating, very annoying and most of the times the outcome is a raging logout.

    If you care even a little - make an official statement telling us at least that you are aware of this issues and you are trying to fix them. This is the professional thing to do.

  • I have I7 and i usually got bugged on ch2-3 , even restarting client and trying to enter again dont work , it stay as charging window and nothing happens , and its weird since i have my buffer in ch2-3 good and i cant connect my warrior , so i assume its not my internet/computer problem.