change apprentice chest for 100+

  • Hello,

    im suggesting that apprentice chests should be given when reaching lvl 100,105,110,115.

    or least 100/110.

    ive almost reached lvl 105 which was still difficult despite being a sura so its hard for me to imagine what it may be for other classes ( will find out soon on my mage ).

    the chests were added when max lvl was 99 so having them higher than lvl90 was not included in the thoughts at that time but it could be taken in consideration now that the lvl cap was increased.

    to be honest - leveling is quite an issue on this server.

    combined with the fact that there arent too many features and just the "classic" dungeons our srv up loses a lot of ground against other servers.

    developing new dungeons is indeed a challenge but at least having access to the ones already existing shouldnt be a challenge ( like currently getting lvl 105 for the ice/hell is ).

    we like to grind and we like slow servers but not everybody has the time to play that much which is discouraging.

    inviting everybody to discuss , no offtopic please. go level with your spare time instead of wasting it on offtopic.


    happy new year

  • Lvling there without being sura it's a bit stressful since you need to be aware all the time or dragon earrings /liquids / waters/ dss /buff etc and it end being really boring and expensive specially up there when you start gaining 15% per hour and need to renew all the consumables items . I think that suggestion could be a new meta to arrive to lv 100 with the lv 90 chest and use the 100 chest to finally rush the last 5 lvls which are the worst. The gap from 90 to 105 its too big to be done within 24h.