Pierce and Crit Bonuses

  • -Hey, I wanted to ask something about these two bonuses mostly about pierce. My character's chance of a critical hit on attacks is the addition of the Critical % on my items. I guess the same goes for pierce. However, for abilities this works differently. My chance to pierce/crit on a ability is the highest percentage item I have right? For example, if I have 50% pierce added up with a htn+9 on. My pierce % on hits is 50 but on abilities, my % to pierce would be 20% right? Cause htn would be my highest pierce % item?

    -Also wanted to ask, what does pierce cancel? It completely ignores all resistances?

    -Also, lets say I have full 100% pierce.(hypothetically). If someone has lets say 50% chance to block a physical attack, will I still ignore all defence and hit them for full damage every single attack or will they still block 50% of my physical attacks cause they have that?

  • I dont think the crit and pierce on skills work the way you describe it the cap for skills is 500% instead of 100% which is for hits so i believe the chance to crit or pierce with a skill is the 1/5 of what your overall crit and pierce chance is also pierce doesnt ignore block