[Change][Bug] Broken channels

  • Hi,

    Wanted to let the team know of certain bug which causes some channels to be broken (as soon as you change to this ch the game freezes and has to be shut down using task manager). Re-starting the game and logging back on the same ch has the same effect (game-freeze). I notice this usually occurs on ch2-3 and has been happening most frequently on 90lvl maps but its not limited to those.

    Sincerely, Corrupt.

  • I can confirm.

    Mostly ch3, and not just on 90 lvl maps, but mostly when I teleport there with a tp scroll, game is freezing, and it's impossible to connect to the same channel for a while.

    We also have a small collection of bugs,

    The one that some times randomly after teleports, some of the items that you have on your hotkeys, are dissappearing, and you have to put them on the "keys" over and over again.

    When you have your shop box open and you run for any reason you get kicked.

    When you r running out of stamina while on poly you can't move at all for up to 20+ seconds sometimes, depends on the poly (I'm not sure if that's a bug, it might not be, but I just couldn't remember something like this happening to me in the past, correct me if it is not)

    And.. Those are the kinda biggest issues I can recall atm. I can say more, smaller bugs, but they are not something that affects the gameplay that much, so there is no point for that

  • this became so bad that it makes the game unplayable :) for real, i just activate blade on ch2/ ch3 and it gets frozen with not responding. i try to reconnect - it gets stuck at some point, choosing character , loading screen or laoding the map.

    ch1/4 never happening

    just unplayable, logged out nervous :) fix ur srv so at least