do vote4coins FAST

  • i play metin2 now 13 years i play now for fan and this is all.. this is good server but need 1 thing vote4coins alot of people dont know the game so thats why they dont play.. you here have only sg1 players and in the start alot of players that played metin2 sg1 before 4 years and say lets go and after 1 week they sayed it was good now lets stop:P so you need the active comunity of the game so you need to take them from another servers that is true that they are fast so they end easy or dont matter after one time to play.. this game has deep and the perfection need TIME so vote4coins so everyone will see it.. second is be careful with changes hermit and exo also green changers and red is overfarmed... give a place to farm alchemy maybe sd3 that dont have nothing to drop (i mean farm alot) and dont let rare alchy exist too easy to make alchy then:p also give craftable skins a good idea!! at the end let us roll the legendary items extreme expensive but let us do it... the players who play anymore metin is 20+ they have jobs and dont have som much time they need an impact to play everyday and i dont say lets end server in 1 week..

  • The vote pages are rigged.

    All of them.

    You buy your position in those pages, the votes do not matter atall.

    So why exactly would we implement vote4coins which is definitelly one of the most game ruining "systems" out there?

  • Maybe with 50.000 euro on ads for 1 country you might see that on the first page, not certanly on the first result.

    50k is a bit exxagerated :D
    an ad listed top of google when you type in "metin2" or "metin2 pserver" isn't that expensive
    for 16€/day ( 500€/month ) you can get around 40 clicks on the Homepage daily in Germany for example

    I think it's more of a problem that 40 clicks/day doesn't pay off for such a price

    edit: Forgot the vote4coins part - I'm strongly against it as well
    In my opinion daily reward is a way better system to get players stick to the game because exactly of what Elspeth mentioned above - most sites are rigged anyway

    and if I remember correctly even if they pay the site to get rank 1 it doesn't pay off :)

  • Then they should rework the day rewards in any case.

  • I think there also should be a change with the daily reward, add a second and a third week with better rewards, the daily reward system is for player that play longer than 1 week on anymore interesting. Add stuff like Rare/Antique Cors, Pearl, stone of blacksmith, memos and so on.