PATCH NOTES 01/12/2019

  • so i must have attspeed on everything and tons of potions while warriors have more just by using one skill ? I have to spend 200 won to make the perfect gears so that i am still slower than warriors

    When you could tank sd2-3 with 1/4 eq than other classes, when you could tank hl2 in the first week of game with half resistance than the other races, when you could lv in dt11 before all clases do, you didn't argue nothing. Now that warriors got a buff even increasing the dmg he take its a problem. Cry me a river.

  • Shadow, the start point for missing hits regarding warriors was 175 not 185 with both 2 handed or 1 handed weapons. I tested it like 2 weeks ago. 174 to be precise because when u reached 175 it started missing hits already.

    If thats so, the damage bonus starts from 175. Forgive me if i don't remember exactly all the numbers, as long as the concept is clear all is fine.

  • We were playing with this bug from the day of the game was born and warrior is most affected. Sometime it better not using green pot since without it i can kill metin faster. After 15year an updated has solve the problem so people who not playing warrior who was reliaze sura better at pvm think this is not fair. Well change sometimes is hard to take by some person.

    If this update make the game too easy how about increase the hp in every metin.

    But the idea for all update is to attract new player to play metin2 if i not mistake, since there r a lot game out there to play which way more attractive. I believe all player in metin2 who playing right now is all from old day. And im also one of them and metin have its own speciality.😅 Btw all tha best for metin2 espacially sg server.