[NEW FEATURE]Bonus extraction

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    My idea is to make the energy fragments change either into a "scroll of extraction" or the energy shards as they are now.

    While energy shards give you x% of bonuses from items, the scroll of extraction to let you make a potion that gives x% of stones.

    Mob +5 give 10% vs mob. If i get scroll of extraction 10% to give 10% vs mobs ( if its 5% then you get 5% of the stone ) for a duration of some hours / minutes. Depending on the duration you can determine if you constantly use it to farm or just use it for bosses / special ocassions / events.

    Taking in consideration 60kk price of mob + maybe spend 10-20kk to make the scroll it would mean 10% vs mob = 80kk for 30 min - 1hour - 2 hours worth only in good occasions. If its too rare then the people wont use it. If its too good then prices of stones will skyrocket and create unbalance between dungeon/metin farming.

    If for 80kk I get for 24hour the bonus then I would consider maybe buying in weekends when I play more.

    Not to mentions you can also get stats, pierce in pvp , crit pvm .

    for armours it doesnt really work, making this for 150hp from vita +5 is a waste :P we can think of something else in there. ac to convert into %avg res, vita into %hp.

    Right now energy fragments cost like 10kk/200 at best. We can all see people leaving items unpicked from the ground if they have no rarity. this way they would pick them up to try and get energy fragments.

    Normally only high levels would use this if the prices are a bit high ( not too much or they wont use ) and the low levels will farm stones. We create a bridge between low levels and high levels. We know from S1 we really need this as new players did not want to play and newbie channel was created + all the help in low level from quests.

    I've created a pool, let me know if you think this could be good. Thx for reading.

  • We don't need more and more needlessly complicated mechanics that bring no real value to the game. I have no interest in picking up all the junk and having to go to town every 10 metin stones. It's simply not fun and I doubt anyone enjoys the process of turning their junk items into fragments.

  • In other words, you are just lazy and you will not get any profit out of it. If so, nobody should do it if they are willing to do it because they will get a profit that you will not get it.

    Well then , let the stones cost 1kk each when they will no longer be as needed. If you did not check the market the prices of stones have decreased drastically. from 8kk mob to 4kk a mob+3.

    Another question Em, what about stones +6, are you pro or vs?