PVP stats on items

  • Would you like the old PVP system from server 1 ( with class versus/resistance in items ) 26

    1. Yes, would like to see it (3) 12%
    2. No, better off without (23) 88%


    On S1 pvp stats vs/res class was removed because it was just too hard for new players to get to the level of old players.

    Here this doesnt apply because we are all new , it may become a problem again in ... 10 yearss ? doubt this game will stand on its feet by then.

    1 v 1 sucks in current format, get 60% in items , 61+9 and youre resistance is done.

    get 10 demi on helm brace ee and done...stone +5 and you are full 1 v 1.

    the other format where you had to work it out hard to get 1 v 1 with double res war + sword for ex was super cool, really made a difference in 1 v 1

    in raids...the good thing was that you could have a huge amount of damage versus 1-2 class which made u hunter against that class and ofc...created strategies.

    we all have the s1 experience, lets just open discuss with the players from s1 about it.

    There are a lot of metin2 server , really a lot. they have a lot of dungeons and things but the PVP SUX there. this could make the difference here

    I myself consider it good. what about you all?