[POLL]Moonlight Event

  • Moonlight Treasure Chests, when should they drop? 52

    1. Saturday | 24H once a week - Sundays having Mystery/Hexagonal for 24H (20) 38%
    2. Mon. -> Tues. -> Wed. -> Thurs. -> Mon. -> Repeat | 24H Once a Week (16) 31%
    3. Saturday/Sunday | 48H once every 2 Weeks (12) 23%
    4. Sunday | 24H once a week - Saturdays having Mystery/Hexagonal for 24H (4) 8%

    Hey guys,

    as some of you might know the Moonlight Event here is handled a little bit different than on S1 and we'd like to check back with you which variation you prefer, afterall, the Events are for you so we'd like to set up a little Poll.

    Vote for the variation you like the most so we can adapt to that!


    SG2Global Team