Farming Statistics

  • Hello guys,

    i want to figure out the best farming Spots on SG2 and i need your help.

    Please post me your farming per hour in this order(just copy this part for you):

    REMEMBER: Statistics are for 1 hour!

    CLASS: e.g. Warrior

    LEVEL: e.g. 80

    MALLGLOVES: e.g. Yes or No

    SPOT: e.g. Red Forest

    DROPPED YANG: e.g. 20kk

    DROPPED ITEMS: e.g. Clams,Changer etc.


    -Changer 9kk

    - ....

    In the end i will edit this Thread and comparing all Statistics and Classes!

  • leaving the jokes apart...I do make statistic and count the gold I receive after 1h/2h of gameplay.

    So far for me the best is the forest at about 150-200k/hour on my sura dealing 6k crit on metins.

    Since I believe I know all metin spawn points in the forest and my damage is decent this is the maximum you get from the forest. If you want to increase your earnings since you need 1minute/metin then you can farm with 1 more account at a lower pace in other places.

    Sometimes i break lvl 35 metins with my nob 35 for fun, other times lvl 60 metins with my lvl 50 warrior or I take a friends character to break both in forest.

    35 lvl metins = super fun , i really enjoy it but gives me 30-40kk / hour

    lvl 50 metins = really annoying, too many players breaking aswell and metins go down really fast + if you dont move fast you won't get metins + some other players are ksing/attacking you. This gives you maybe an extra 80kk per hour

    lvl 85/90 with double chars gives the best gold, maybe an extra 100kk.

    Best combo double red forest --> 250/hour but the problem is you are going to sell the items very hard.

    Changers go hard right now for 9kk

    bravery capes sell only in events ~18kk

    thief gloves I pick first 2hour of farm and afterwards none at all because they dont sell, maybe 1 shop goes away ~2 days @750k each. Bless scrolls arent selling at all for 1kk, for any less I keep myself getting stacks of hundreds...

    Inventory expansions as well ~10kk but using them.

    Soul stones ~10kk but go really hard but I do not really wanna sell them ,if they go for 10 okay, if not soon my mage gets G skills.

    Stones +3/4 - other than selling mob +3 for 5kk and rest of stones 2-3kk you ain't selling.

    Cor draconis go for 2kk sometimes but rarely, opening most of them.

    Other drops - because they're rare i won't count them and just say I got lucky this hour/day.

    Most gold in forest but you get them back the hardest.

    If I focus on lvl 60 metins I get more cash instantly because of the fast sale of green changers for 2kk.

    In the end - if you don't enjoy farming in a place its not worth playing the game, you play for fun and relax. Struggling for money I do at work daily, when I play i want to relax :)

    Enjoy the game, be friendly

  • Nice! I'm new to Red Forest, can u give me an marp where u marked the best Metin Spots? I'm 86 so I'm interested in the 90 metins because of the Clam drops.

    Which Level 60 Metins do u mean? in Temple or Sohan?

  • Temple.

    It's best if you find yourself the spots.

    on 90 metins I ride myself there because the spawn places are a bit irregular.

    Just small walkways where you can find metins.

    85 have easy to find spots and large areas, find those yourself :D thats the fun =)