update idea for more players

  • hey, I wanted to suggest

    the 90's update (ready as you say)

    + a small EXP event

    + increase EXP in the lear

    + Helloween event paired with the mondi event

    + 7 days mount for beginners
    on Friday evening
    This would attract both old and new players

  • Hey there,

    while i do understand your point i doubt it would actually drag new players.

    People dont join a Server which they wouldn't play just for an Event, what for do they need to level up faster if they don't want to play eitherway.

    Regarding the Mount, i will probably never understand the community about that.

    One of the most frequently asked questions i got during the opening time was "Will people have opportunities to have a mount before level 35?" and when i answered that they wont be, people usually answered with stuff like "Thank god".

    I mean, sure, there were 1-2 people who actually wanted a mount but from my personal impression the average player didn't want it, maybe that was only for the opening and the overall opinion has changed, who knows.

  • take advantage of the Mondi event to install the update right away & if there is still the Helloween event motivates that certainly many people play again. And when old players start again, lure high player numbers and cool reward for a good start already new people at my opinion!

    with nothing come no people

  • I would also recommend to equal the drop of grudge sword with the other lv 75 weapons, it's not fair to have main warrior weapon 1/3 drop of the poison and 1/10 of the other lv 75 weps, and I would set the drop to normal hl2 mobs too, not only zins, as the all other lv 75 weapons...

  • Zion I can not. I am not able to tank full spot. It is your first fault. You can not lure full spot and try kill it. I do not know what class you play, but I bet warior body. If you want exp at spot: go full dmg, restore HP, magic resistance and boost deffense as much as you can. You do not need immune faint in shield so you can easy roll good stats vs undean in shield. Till 90lvl you can also exp at metins, just lure spot away and kill metins.

  • Hello,

    First of all I really like EXP idea, secound i dont know if staff is planning doing something but they should be thinking about server dying, everyday server is slowly dying and to be honest i kinda understand them let me tell you some of the reasons players quit and some reasons that i have seen in last 30-40days that i have been playing here.

    1. There has not been a major update since "forever" i mean extra inventorys is pretty big, but not something that would bring more players.

    2. No shop search, personaly i need to spent hours searching in shops.

    3. There is only 1 way to farm, metins metins metins, OK i understand metins are good way to farm but after a while they become really boring, you should think about adding other ways farmin like, world bosses, MORE dungeons, etc etc.

    4. Im a farmer my self i farm like 4-5h aday and to make my items i need to use all my changers (red changers) and even buy other from shops so i can have my items, thats not a good way to go, you really need to make changers rate a bit higher, many will say "oh price will go down, bla bla bla" true price might go down 1-2kk understandable, but there will still be players that will buy changers without farming, it really sucks like 4-5h farming i get 15-20 red changers at the end of the day i need to use them all on my items.

    5. The PvM system is really bad, like warrior is soo bad in this server, mage/ninja deal same damage as warrior/sura, that cannot be right i mean i understand players like mage/ninja but they cant be good both in PvM and PvP sura and warrior must deal more damage/ be stonger in PvM im not saying to make mage/ninja trash but lower the damage a bit.

    6. High dungeons, if you want to do high dungeons you literally need to change characters, cuz some dungeons are easier with mage some with ninja etc etc.

    I mean those reasons are what i heard, and what i personaly think if staff have any other ways to bring server back online they must work fast before it gets too late.

    Kind regards,