A lot of random crashes since the new inventory update!

  • Hello,

    as you can already read in the title, there have been a lot of random crashes lately.

    By "crashes" i mean the following scenarios (crashes mainly happen when you switch channels):

    - changing from one ch to another will pretty often result in your character disappearing & your client being stuck on that ch with no possibility to close it (expect for task manager). --> happens often

    - changing from one ch to another, the loading screen happens and you are moved to the ch you chose.. but afterwards your clients gets the typical (not responding message) and will close itself. --> happens often, and it can take 3-5 minutes to log into the game after you got struck by such a thing

    - leaving buffer afk for some minutes and when you switch to her again you will see the "not responding" message out of the blue. --> does not happen that often

    - logging into a new ch, your character becomes blurry (the colours didn't load so you look like a ghost and can not interract with anything) --> does not happen that often

    More players have been complaining in the game chat about these random crashes. Also these crashes seemed to appear after the introduction of the new update (maybe it has something to do with how the new inventory works).

    Maybe you find some time to look over this issue since it makes the game quite frustrating.

  • This has been happening for quite some time. also when you run with shopbox open or storekeeper open you will get dc all of this has been happening for at least 3/4 weeks so even before the patch

  • I'm not really sure its about new update. Even before that update there were disconnects when you change chs( talking about dc where you cant move or exit or do anything). Its not that frequent but still it would be nice if it could be fixed. Also sometimes i just get regular dc while my buffer is completely fine.

  • So far i had alot more dcs going to ch3, but im pretty sure i had few going from ch 3 too. It was in fireland. Also, might be important, when i get dc and somehow i get back to login screen, when i try to login back to ch3 it always get stuck on that animation when you choose your char. So i need to close client and then start game again. Shadow