[SUGGESTION] Event drops, moonlights and balance

  • Event drops

    So i was thinking way back when i played metin2, this was probally 10 years ago or something. Anyway when there was events like, pumpkins, easter eggs, footballs. Anyway, i noticed on SG you had to drop 1 pumpkin and 1 key to open the pumpkin. And it was really annoying cuz u might end up with 100 pumpkins and 40 keys ???. I was thinking if you change those events with just a drop, and u click on it and it opens. No key, No collect 4 things and give to a guy that will give you something to open.

    Just simply, Press on it, and you recieve item/gold, also make them stackable would be nice if possibel!

    Idk, it was really satisfying for me to just drop it and open it instantly, instead of looking for keys to open it , or collect several to get 1 openable thing.

    For example, u guys know that silver/gold chest in metin2? U drop that thing but you never get those keys, so u dont bother picking them up cuz its annoying.

    maybe not 100% same thing cuz those pumpkins were worth 2kk atleast but you get what i mean ^^



    With moonlights i think the drop is crazy high and the reward is very bad. For example, 200 moonlights, u get like 1 changer if your lucky ? Like, WTF ?

    Also when you open moonlights, how mutch crap do people just spam open and leave on ground? This just make stuff laggy? or atleast annoying to see.

    my sugestion is to decrease drop rate of moonlights, But improve content/remove bad content to balance it out.

    or just simply make moonlights auto picked up in inventory. So you dont have to spam mouse1 and pickup wrong items on ground. ^^



    So i was thinking about balancing events. Ive noticed that on the halloween event it was a huge reward and that made me happy cuz i just started to play on sg when the event launched!

    But when christmas event came i was disapointed, The reward wasnt that good and it was S/M/L boxes :/ That basicly just made higher lvls (90+) even stronger!, and never players, not mutch stronger.

    I dont mind S/M/L boxes at all, but they only suit for moonlight farming in my opinion, for events , new players should feel just as rewarded as higher lvls!

    Just some suggestions, you might like them, you might hate them ;) Tell me what you think

  • It is a fact that most of the players of metin2 wants more chests even if it means having a low chance to get good rewards. Almost every country has the so called "Scratchy", you scratch them and if you either get 3x items of the same kind you win money based on the items you got, like 3 apples 5 euros and so on. Well the prices of these Scratchy differs, but no matter the country, no matter the rewards, the most sold one is always the one of 1 or 2 euro / dollars /whatever currency. Why? Because you can buy a lot. Because people like to play games.

    So nope the moonlights drop stays the same and of course the rewards stays the same because you can't expect to drop 1 changer per box when you can drop 2000 boxes in 3-4 hours of farming, if you are slow.

    The same goes for S M and L Box. If you are a level 90 and you earn the same money as a level 40, then whats the point to level up? It will create the same bad and toxic situation that happened on server 1, where the players considered this game as life and literaly farmed 24/7 negleting study and work and occupy the maps and spots that were meant to be used by the new players.

    The contents of those box helps to boost your character based on your level.

    As for Key + Box, i already explained that you can't stack every item in the game, because it might glitch them. For instance we could have made those items stack, but if you used a stock of 200, it would open only 1, losing the other 199. We could have done it to be honest, but we knew that players don't read anything, even if it is in capital, size 40 and in red, so we opted to not do it.