• Well I know, not all of you reached high-level and this thread might be completly unappealing for you right now; BUT...

    Let me tell you this: At the moment you need 15 keys to enter the dragon room. There is only 1 Zin General on each channel, who

    dropps 1 of those keys, on condition you have the gear to kill them. So, u'll get 4 keys each spawn, makes 12 keys /hour overall.

    So after 1 hour you still can't enter the dragon room. Now imagine, there are more players, than just one, who wants to enter the dragon.

    Like 3-4 guilds with 5 players each.

    Lets say each guild will get 1 Channel, so its 5h for just ONE player of each guild to enter the room.

    But guys, that's not all... after u killed the dragon, which is right now by far the strongest boss u'll get just one of two Uppitems for 100%

    And u just need 3-4 Scales/Claws each to upgrade your Stuff.

    My suggestion is: Spawn 4 Generals on each channel and let the dragon dropp at least both of the uppitems 100%.

    Ah I almost forgot it - there is only 1 Party, who can enter the dragon room at the same time, that should be changed as well, if the team is trying to consider my suggestion.

  • I guess u didnt get it.. There will be PvP anyway, but 1 general is basically not enough..

    And yes I did more than 1 run, I just said its not 100% to get both of those uppitems. 100% for one, and then maybe 10% for the second one?

  • Okay then let me be constructive.

    The state of the dragon run is complete garbage at the moment. Players enter the run and farm the stones which are respawned over and over for the complete duration of the run. This problem exists mainly thanks to the great idea from the TEC team to just quintuple the clam drops from the normal HL2 monsters. So let me just sum this up so the average player understands: if you farm the stones in the dragon room for 1h you get more pearls from all the clam drops compared to doing 2 fast dragon runs(also about 1h if u consider cooldown). And by the way that's clams PER player. so if you join with 2-3 people you get a total of about 60+ clams in 1 hour. And now you are telling me you want more general spawns and 1 room per channel but leave out the part where you make 2-300kk per hour there right now? Some people don't even/cant even kill the dragon at all but still enter and farm.

    So now that the real problem with the dragon room is clear here is my suggestion:

    Everything you said, after the clam drops have been reduced to normal % and the zin monsters in hl2 get the x5 clam drops.

    If this change will get applied less people will farm dragon because they first have to make the gear/don't want to bother making the gear to actually kill the dragon. This way there is less traffic at general.

    if you don't like my idea with shifting the clam drops feel free to suggest your own ideas. Its not the best, i know. Shadow also didn't like it, but when discussing with him, he didn't seem to bother about this at all. Maybe if more player speak out about it we get some change.

  • +1 for those 5x clam drop from zins :D

    but yeah ur right overall, im also farming clams in the dragon room etc. If the dragon would have better dropps, I wouldnt farm there

  • +1 for those 5x clam drop from zins :D

    but yeah ur right overall, im also farming clams in the dragon room etc. If the dragon would have better dropps, I wouldnt farm there

    Not dragon drop is the problem there. Dragon already got the best drop from game, let's talk about metins. If they'll make metins to not spawn hl mobs, the problem is solved, end of story.

  • Players need to find things to fight over for.. for example ice witch (on some servers) or generals. This is how pvp / rivals are being formed.

    Increasing the number of generals will result in less competition (because more people can get their desired 15 keys) -> less pvp.. so that is definitely not a solution.

    Would be a nice idea to let multiple people do the dragon run in the same time (it is a pain to wait for 1 team to finish it).

    Most servers made it so that the monsters inside have no drop :) and you can see why --> no more fishermen around --> players just farming keys to farm there instead of trying to kill the dragon (not blaming anyone since we also do it but this is not ok in my opinion xd )

  • Farming inside the room should be nerfed, the dragon room should be used to, well kill the dragon ^^. If needed the number of mobs or respawn time can be improved in HL1/HL2 to make up for it.

    Regarding keys: it can be either kept as it is with 1 general/ch BUT he can drop a variable amount of keys: say 1-3 OR you reduce the amount of keys required to enter; it can be brought back to 3 keys/player like it used to be in the past.

    There is also the possibility to have a 2nd general spawn randomly similar to ice witch.

  • I guess we need a few polls to decide, CharmMe can open them in the original post.

    How many generals?

    1. More Generals/CH
    2. 1 General/CH that drops 1-3 keys

    Key required?

    • Keep to 15/party
    • 3/player

    Regarding dragon drops

    • 1 of them with 100% chance and with a slight chance to drop another(as it is right now)
    • 100% chance to drop 1 of each
    • 100% chance to drop 2 random

    Regarding farming in the dragon room:

    • Other servers approach: mobs out of metins don't drop anything(spawn rate of mobs buffed if necessary outside of dragon room where it is needed)
    • Metins spawn Zins instead
    • Reduce the time allowed inside the room and keep the metin spawns as they are
    • Reduce the time allowed inside and replace with Zins
    • Don't change anything

    Feel free to add/remove stuff

  • 15 keys/party is fine, 1 general/ch with 1 key drop is fine, 100% chance of both will be nice, 1h CD is fine, remove drop from mobs or remove spawn of them.

    Since Dragon Run is the best run from game, why do you want to make it easier? Then 15 keys per party and 1 general per CH is perfect. This run should be more harder than it's actually.