[EVENT] Fishing Extravaganza

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    Every player can choose their favorite spot to fish and be ready at the beginning of the event to start to fish.

    All you have to do is to grab your Fishing Pole, some bait and start fishing during 1 hour.
    For every fish you catch you get a certain amount of points and a certain amount of gold. The player with the most point count will be the winner.


    • You are NOT allowed to kill other players;
    • You are NOT allowed to use third party programs (actually it's a rule applied for the whole game);
    • You CAN open your fishes after you caught them;
    • You CAN fish with more than one account;
    • You are NOT allowed to summon monsters, bosses, or open Boxes / Chests that may summon monsters or bosses;
    • To register for the event you should post your ingame name in the forum thread.

    Points and Gold Rewards:

    Fish Name
    Points Gold
    Crucian Carp
    1 100.000
    Mandarin Fish
    1 200.000
    Grayling 2 300.000
    Carp 2 400.000
    Salmon 2 400.000
    Grass Carp
    3 500.000
    Brook Trout
    3 600.000
    Eel 4 700.000
    Rainbow Trout
    4 800.000
    Tilapia 5 900.000
    Pikes 5 1.000.000
    Perch 6 1.200.000
    Tenchi 6 1.400.000
    Catfish 7 1.500.000
    Loach 7 2.000.000
    Lotus Fish
    7 2.200.000
    Stripped Bass
    7 2.500.000
    Smelt 8 2.700.000
    Shiri 8 3.000.000
    Mirror Carp
    9 3.500.000
    Gold Crucian Carp
    10 4.000.000


    • 1st Place: Fishing Pole +10 and Title of "Fisherman King / Queen"
    • 2nd Place: Fishing Manual
    • 3rd Place: 3x Grilled Shiri
    • 4th Place: 3x Grilled Loach

    May the best Fisherman win!

    Our Event Calendar can be found here: Official SG2Global Event Calendar