[Update Discussion] Lv90 Maps!

  • First of all, I would like the maps to not be accessible at lvl 60 like on s1. It should stat as high lvl content.

    1. More metins obviously, the maps are huge. Bosses with not too long respawn times.
    2. More alchemy drops than on s1 from metins and bosses, metins should have maybe low chances for blue adders and changers as well as the normal red drops. Cut and maybe rare cor drops from bosses and metins. With the current upp rates it shouldn't be a problem.
    3. Don't have a comment on this yet
    4. That lemures was so much better than any other farming spot. It would be nice to increase the number of mobs in other areas too as well as the respawn times.
  • - map available at lv 90 !!

    - low chance of blue changer/adder from metin stones

    - no armor lv 66

    - lv 65 weapons

    . boss chest with high lvl uppitems in a stack of 5-10 pieces

    - cut dragon stones from metins

    - a lot of ores for crafting new EQ

    - at lv 90 give us 4 new points on the teleportation ring for each map!!! So we can choose where we want to start to farm

    - slightly higher chance to drop inventory keys than in the red forest

  • - blue adder changer from metins with a low chance

    - maybe blue adder changer with a higher chance from bosses as a normal drop, not from the chest

    - red adder changer from metins but idk if it should be higher rate than in rw or the same

    - map access at level 90

    - boss chests i would say pretty much the same as server 1 maybe with some tweaks but no clue what exactly atm, maybe more alchemy and less crap drops

    - for sure more metins

    - create more farmspots especially if you look forward to halloween event or moons - there will be pretty much only the 4 chs on lemures to farm - that means increasing mobs and the respawn time on other spots

    - bosses should have like around 20 min respawn time in my opinion

  • Drops from metins are fine looking back to server 1.

    Just increase the green dragon bean% so everyone can upgrade their "end game" alchemy stones without paying as much/more than the DSS are worth themself.

    As for all the people wanting more and more alchemy drops: Didnt you guys mention Alchemy is "end game" content like 1000x? As far as I'm concerned alchemy should not be farmable by simply killing mobs/stones (at least not cut/rare) but rather by doing runs or killing lower tier bosses. So imo leave alchemy drop same as s1 on these maps and add cut/rare alchemy to runs like ice run so they get more attractive.

    This blue adder/changer talk is stupid imo. we should not be able to farm for 1 week and have all high lvl gear finished on this server. Or at least thats how it is suppose to be atm, right?

    I agree with more metin stone spawns but keep the % for red/blue adder the same, since we have more stones now anyway.

    More teleport spots is also not usefull at all since we have return scrolls...if you have been to the map once you will never have to walk there by foot/mount ever again.

    ". boss chest with high lvl uppitems in a stack of 5-10 pieces" this is completly overkill/stupid since we are not suppose to just get everything we every need regarding upgreading by farming one or two maps.

    "Low Chance of Autopot L" u also want a 10000kk gold drop every 3rd mob? these people just want everything this game has to offer from just 4 maps....please keep the suggestions somewhat realistic.

    Blue changers/adders are suppose to be moonlight/run exclusive imo since farming 90 maps would become too powerful.

  • Totally disagree with all your ideas , this should be easier than sv1 , not a frustrating sv , make alchemy its hard enough , get a stone would be near imposible without any drop but just high lvl runs.

  • Upgrading armors / weapons lvl 90 to request 100-200 pieces of items that drop there. As we all know from S1, hourly we could drop 50 gold chains, sapphire and all other stuff but we needed 1-2 for upgrade and they were worthless.

    Make upgrading require 50-100 so they ll have a value.

    DSS system was very little discovered on S1 because it's hard to drop all the stones to make the last levels of it.

    Make the drop in there really good. By the time we get there and actually get to kill any good we will have all items --> there we make alchemy :)

    Maybe remove thief glove/exp rings from there ? Let it be only from the forest so people would still farm it?

  • - Maps from lv 90+. Many metins and bosses with 30 min respawn. Sapphyre/rubin/emerald/garnet deposits.

    - Metins drop : 2x cor draconis. / Low % of blu changers-adders. / Green, pink and blue dragon bean. / Weapon lv 65 +7 / Bravery capes 40x. / Item upp lv 90+ / 0.1% Dragor/choco certificate. / Heaven's tear item +7. / Clams.

    Boss drop : Item for craft. / Dew all coulors. / Treasure of darkness. / 1x Pearls each coulors on low %.

    - Nothing, it's an open map, people can pvp while doing bosses.

    - I Like these maps but remember to make usefull bonus like "Earth/ice/Fire/Lighting/wind" Resistance

  • Maps only for Lv 90+

    No lv 66 Armour's from metins

    Higher Metin Spawn rate

    Only Green Dragon Bean from Metin/boss, because if blue/pink drop there, ice run will be nearly useless

    Bosses should be the same as on server1 with 1h respawn time

    Much more Monsters should spawn, so high lv players can farm on events everywhere.

    But I personally find that this update comes to early^^

  • the update comes definitly way too early . November should be the earliest time for this update. There are jsut a handfull of people who can manage to farm there . 98% of the server did not discovered all runs of the server right now. just wait otherwse only a few people will farm there and fill their pockets more and more . the difference to the "casual" players would just increase way too much this way, give them one months more time !

  • I'm gonna follow the "Too Early" train. I've yet to reach a G skill and i'm still waiting to level up because of my equipment.
    I understand that top players already reached the endgame and they're probably a good source of cash because of the Mall but the average player has yet to reach HL :S

  • there is a player who reached 90lvl so why not? because you are not ready? In my opinion they should receive it

    I'm not gonna be ready even in two months. It's just unfair that a minority gets the benefit of farming with little to no competition just because they milked their credit cards :)
    November would be better imho, at least there will be more people and not just one person who's ready to enjoy the "new" content.
    By the way it's not my server so i don't get to decide anything, just a thought.

  • Why no Armours?
    Was useless in S1, will be useless on this Server again.
    Afraid of 8% Average dropping everywhere?
    Just wondering ?(