[CHANGES] Shop + Showing items on call

  • Hello,

    I just thought two simple changes that might help some people.

    1)I can't get why we have to take off our armor in order to open a shop. It's actually annoying and also immediately uses 2 slots of our inventory. Biggest problem of this, sometimes I full my shop with stuff and I forgot to take off my armor and then I have to make the whole shop again from the very beginning...

    2)It is really good the fact that we can share our items via call chat for free so the others can see them when we want to sell/trade etc. But sometimes, I don't know why, maybe because of the lag sometimes or the many messages in the call chat, when I click on an item so I can see it, it doesn't work or it shows another item from another player or sometimes the click works as a move command for my character and not to open the actual item. It is annoying, not sure if I'm the only one that having this problem but I suggest if it's possible to make it pop-up when we just moving our cursor on it and not by clicking it.

  • 1) It is to prevent exploits. But on Server 2 the offline shop will be always present ingame. We will leave the normal shop just to cover all situations, but the offline shop is far superior in every aspect so if you don't want to remove your armour to set up a shop, use the offline.

    2) The broadcast works fine, it would be better if you show in detail what are these problem, take into consideration two things:

    a) If you see a different item than what the link shows, it may be a hacked link (it is possible to hack the link broadcasting even items with bonus that doesn't exist)

    b) It may be in a different language and so you think it was a different item

    If you can't open the link it is because the name (and so the link) is too long. The solution is to enlarge the chat box or the pm box.

  • 1)Ok got it!

    2)No I don't have any problem with the language and when I said another item is poping up I meant another item from another player above, in another line. I don't even have a problem with the size of the box, my problem is with the public chat not in the PMs.

    My problem is, let's say I'm farming a metin and also want to check an item so I click on the yellow name of the item and sometimes instead of poping up the item, my player just moving. I click correctly on the name of the item and sometimes it doesn't pop up even though I click on it. Sometimes even if my player standing still doing nothing I click on the name of an item in chat and it doesn't work with the first click but need more... I'm pretty sure sometimes this happens because of the lag I have in town 1 but some others I don't lagging so I can't get it.

    I think it would be better if we could somehow block the movement by clicking so the pop up thing work fine. It is so annoying when I'm farming my player just move away from the metin because I just wanted to see an item in the chat. That's why I think if it was "onmousemove" action it would be better.

  • what he means is that clicking on the item links in chat is not accurate all the time and you en up just issuing a move command instead of opening the item tool tip. My solution to it is to open the chat log(think it was on L, correct me if I'm wrong) and there are no issues at all in it not sure what is different about it but it might be a lead for you Shadow . One thing I haven't tested is if this entire issue is resolution related.

  • I believe is only because you click on the chat box when the message above your hotkeys is fading away. Since the message is gone, you are clicking on the map and so you move. I just tested it several times and it works fine. If you could do a video of the problem it could help.

  • I'm very careful when I click on any item-name because I get what you are saying, if you miss click the chat closes and the player is moving. I don't have any sort of recording software right now in my computer and via camera it would be bad.

    It's not a major problem and as I said sometimes it works fine, the problem is it works sometimes 8o Don't know, maybe I'll re-install the game

    In any case, please consider my suggestion, even if there is no actual problem, the pop up thing with the cursor would be easier

  • yes i encouter the same problem many many times when i want to look at an item in chat i click on it and my char move instead of showing the item and some times i need to click several times to showed up

    I suggest as a fix to make the items name in chat much larger so the click doesn't go to move the chars or make it visual by just moving the cursor on it as he said please fix that .