[SYSTEM] SG2 Global Support System

  • SG2 Global Ticket Support System is available in our Website by following this link: Support

    This System is to be used everytime you need assistance from our Team concerning your game experience.

    • Each Ticket is replied in a maximum time of 24 Hours if it is written in the English Language. If it is written in a different language the maximum reply time may increase.
    • Do not open multiple tickets on the same subject unless the 24 hours are expired without a reply.
    • Do not open another ticket if the Admin declared the Case as Closed.

    To open a Ticket you should go to our Website and click on Support. In this page you will be able to fill a Form with every detail of your report:


    Full Name: You can leave this blank if you don't want to give us your real name, or just place your ingame name. Please avoid filling it with "Jonh Doe" or "I don't want to give my name", or anything else other than your name or in game name. (It happened already many times).

    Email Adress: This is very important! You must provide a real email that you have access to since our reply will be sent there. We suggest you to use the email related to the account that experienced the problem to speed up the support.

    In-Game Account: You can leave it blank but we suggest to write down the login ID of the account that experienced the problem.

    Help-Topic: You chould choose a topic that mostly described your problem.

    Subject: It's the title of the ticket. It should be a very resumed title that better explains your problem.

    Message: The most important part of the ticket! This is where you will explain in every detail your problem. Remember always to write your account name!

    Common Problems:

    • Email Changes

    To change your Email Address, you should send us an email to [email protected] from the current registered email address of the account, telling us the account name, the new Email Adress and the Reason of the Change.

    • Billing

    If you do not receive your Tec Points after a successful purchase, write down in the message the Payment Method, the Purchased Amount and the Date. Provide also, a screenshot of the transation, if possible.

    Remember to always write your Account Name to speed up the process.

    • Game and Website bugs:

    Upload the screenshots of eventual bugs on an external Website and paste the link.

    Try to provide more information, like when and how the bug occurs.

    • Player Report and Other:

    - Scamming

    A player that rob items/golds/accounts or fool another player is called Scammer. The punishment is a permanent ban.

    If you are victim of a scam you must point out who is the scammer, what are the stolen items, how he scammed you and possibly a full set of screenshots of chats between you and him.

    We are not responsable for eventual losses.

    Every false report may lead to a temporary or permanent suspension.

    - Hacking or botting

    A video is the best report but in case you weren't able to record one, just write down the player's ingame name, so we can investigate.

    The result of the investigation is always private.

    - Insults and Harrasment

    The best way to report this is with a set of screenshots with the insults or harrasment. The decision of a possible punishment is entirely at the discrection of the assigned Admin.

    Our Server has also a Live Chat that you can use to solve simple issues:

    • You can use the Live Chat by clicking on the small window at the bottom of the support page.
    • The Live Chat is used only for small problems or questions.
    • Respect the GM on the live chat and follow every instructions given.

    As another form of Support, we also have an Official Support Email:

    • The official support email is [email protected]
    • Every case will be answered in a maximum of 24 hours.
    • You can ask here for the change of your current email with a new one.
    • Do not send multiply emails for the same problem if less than 24 hours have passed without a reply.

    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact any of our Staff Members!

    We are here to help you!

    Kind Regards,

    SG2 Global Team