[FEATURE] Horse 30lvl

  • Hello,

    All these years , since 2004, I see that the horse max level is 30 but we can only level it up to 21. I know this isn't a very exciting idea but it would be nice if the horse could get to 30lvl.

    Suggest getting a different new shape and a new designed cosmetic as an armour (maybe different colour when you are the boss of a guild) and of course making the defense and speed a little bit better.

    In addition, we could use some different horse medals that will be more difficult to drop and more expensive. Also the cool-down until the next quest should be a day or more. The feeding of the horse won't change.

    I don't know if this is possible because it will require many changes in the game's files but I'm sure the developers when they wrote "max level 30" had some ideas in their heads that never came out.

    Let me know what you think about this. :)

  • Good to know. Does this mean it will be changed this time, if it's not that hard.

    I can't help much on some new graphical changes but I have some ideas about the quests from 22 to 30, maybe killing specific number of metins (high lvl) or number of bosses, also you should be over 61 lv or 75 (not sure)to lvl up horse to 30. Also we could add another apes dungeon for some new medals

  • As I said is a matter of ideas. Changing a skin can be done nowadays with a simple item, i think is dull to make people level up 9 times to just change their horse look, considering you have power mount, etc.

    In my opinion updates should be done with the brain and not just adding something for adding it. I mean a level 30 or 100 horse is ok, but there must be a reason for the player to level it up.

  • Right, how about, except some more defence, giving some avg damage bonus or maybe some against mob bonus. (I would say attack speed but that is easy to max already so no point)

    It would be nice at that 30lv make some new passive skills for the horse and every skill will have to do with a specific mob. For example, 5% against devil and this skill will have 5 levels , each level is one percentage,and to get to 5 just need to ride your horse and farm many hours.

    It should be hard to get there and max all the skills but it will only require farming time and this will give the players a reason to make it 30lv except the extra def and maybe some extra total damage.

    Ok I'll stop now , anyone else ?😂✌️