[FEATURE] Lucky Loot System

  • I would like to suggest a Lucky loot system for metin2. This is when players kill monsters which can at times trigger 'Lucky Loots', it will have an animation that will show Lucky loot! Players can loot items like hermits or exorcism scroll (if very lucky) or even zen beans basically useful items that are used. It is to be noted that, the more a player farms more chances of triggering lucky loots. This will encourage those farmers who farm for long hours and are unlucky with loots., like that they will be satisfied.

    Note: This is not free item giveaway, players will have to farm to loot those items!

  • Allready ingame, its called Altenative Drop :*:*:*

    Here is the explanation8)

  • What you showed are just events or extra things you can farm by having X level and many of them are required drops for the game to be playable such as the books and horse food.

    It's not the same thing, objective of Lucky Loot is to reward players of any level for long periods of farming time with a semi-rare item drop that they can use or sell and give an extra feeling of achievement.

    It's supposed to be a really rare drop, counterattack strategy levels of rare or even rarer than that, with items like exo scroll, quest pot, auto pot M/L that help out players in a small manner. With such a low drop rate is not even a viable farming item since their cost won't ever match the time required to acquire it but will still be useful for anyone that gets it.

  • Yes, but players do complain about farming for long hours and looting only crap items. This is a way to motivate them + motivate other players, motivated players =satisfied players and all happy what is wrong with it? its not like players slacking in town and expects to obtain good loots. They have to farm.

  • And whats wrong with copypaste it?

    It is exactly that what you suggest, if you farm long and kill much Monsters you will maybe get some Reward (currently Blessing Scrolls)

    Only differnce you want hermits or exorcism scroll's :D