The States of Clams, Pearls and even Fishbones.

  • Meddl guys,

    let me get straight to the point. I stopped playing server 1 because Clams and Fishbones were to rare and way to expensive.

    On the new Server i guess it wont be easier. For good equipment you will always need Clams, pearls and fishbones. The Problem is not that some items are rare. i understand this and support it. But fishing is kinda boring and doesnt bring a lot of profit. If you think about using not 4-5 Clients, as it is stated some times here, fishing can be very very boring and i think we need another fishing system....or

    we can add things like Clams and fishbones to chests and runs!

    Why not having Clams in gold and silver treasures?

    Furthermore i would love to see Fishbones at the first orc chief and a small chance of Clams at the third chief.

    Let me hear about your suggestions and lets make server2 as big as it should be !


  • I hope its okay that i take server1 for example,

    in my days clams were about 20kk.

    this is nowhere near acceptable on the server. i agree that noone should just get things for free. we need to find a way to get those things for those who really farm ingame....

    As i said, its okay that we use only 1-2 clients, i support that, but fishing with 1 or 2 clients is useless in comparison with fishing with 4 clients...

  • If clams dropped in chests fishing would become useless. The thing is you are not forced to fish. If you don't like fishing you can buy clams from other players and reward them for putting in the effort to do it.

    I personally prefer having a player-regulated economy instead of changing the game so that every item will artificially have the same price. It's more interesting this way and it resembles a real economy more.

  • I think it‘s good that clams are rare because fishing should be honored. Mabey the fishing tool can be improved to be more interesting for more players.

    I am really excited to the new server on SG :)

    Thanks Shadow, Elspeth and the team for making this possible !!

    Lets make great again ;D

    See ya - Metrickz

  • I agree that fishing should give the most Clams.

    But if we bring Clams into Bosschests, there wont be a lot more clams on the market.

    Maybe bring fishbones into Silver chests+ and gold chests(normal).

    it wont flood the market, but it will make things easier for beginners i guess.

  • yes clams should be more accessable , but only in a monthly reward if there is or by the MisteryBox which you get by fishing a 3 Minnows

    so they won't be abused , or even make fishing pole with bonuses like 10% to catch a fish etc or make books to level up fishing skills , honestly there are many ways to make it better and keeping it fair for fishing players