Attack Speed Limit?

  • Someone told me it’s 200. But as body warrior you have problems hitting after 180+. So you can actually not take green potions(m) with the +15% green potions and berserk m1. Berserk becomes useless. I don’t remember having this problem on any other server. They should fix that.

  • Hi there,

    Is there an attack speed limit specifically for body warriors? My attack speed # changes, but i dont feel like I am swinging any faster? Especially with berserk? If there is a limit what is the # value?

    Thanks in advance.

    Like Hiumi said, it's 200. You shouldn't level up your berserk more than certain level that makes it be higher that 200, because it will be useless but will make you receive more damage. You shouldn't wear attack speed gear because it won't do anything.

  • I've found a post about it in s1's forum. I quote a response that talks about it:


    G1. Cap is on 200. Berseck g1 gives you 41% atck speed aprox. 100+41 = 141 + 27% from poison +9 = 168 + speed potion green [M] = 188 + bio = ~200.

    Have it on Perfect is to do not use those speed potions, but you take a lot more of damage. Just my advice, you can do what you want, but i wouldn't consider it because the price of 200 potions are just 10kk.

    If you want perfect, make sure to do a super eq. The advantage i see there are the colors of skill haha.

  • The cap is at 200.

    The cap might be 200 but if you are hitting with 175 or more you are missing several hits.

    Me and my friends tested it at metins and you are actually faster with 174 than 200(bodywarrior).

    You start to miss hits at:

    175 warrior 1+2hand

    155 ninja 1hand

    145 shaman bell

    175 sura 1hand

    This only apllies when you are using a mount, if you hit from the ground there are no problems with the speed.

    Is there a reason behind this or is this a bug?

  • The reason is the animations are poorly done.

  • Therefore, let me see if I understand correctly what Shadow just said:

    If you compare the animation of hitting with the actual hits on the metin there will be a discrepancy like it shows you are hitting but you do not see the yellow marking of the damage given but this does not necessarily mean that having 200 atk speed misses hits.

    meaning : 200 attk speed shows you hit 250 hits per minute but you hit 200 which pairs correctly with the atk speed?

    Or after 160/175 whatever the correct value is you actually really miss hits?

  • im still doing some more testing but so far:


    sword cap: 150 attack speed

    level 85 metin kill speed

    148 attack speed 54 seconds

    190 attack speed 1 min 37 seconds

    dagger cap: 150 but once u reach close to 200 it is not effected as much

    level 85 metin kill speed

    149 attack speed = 1 min 5 seconds

    188 attack speed = 1 min 9 seconds


    bell cap: 145 attack speed

    lv 85 metin kill speed

    144 attack speed= 38 seconds

    200 attack speed = 1 min 15 seconds

  • My testings sura with poison:

    85 metin @ 30 crit in total

    151 atk speed - 1m02s

    158atk speed 1m00

    171 atk speed 1m09

    184 at speed 1m08

    Not sure what to think. surely it is affected somewhere between 158 - 171 but not as much as some other characters. I guess 1-2 seconds difference can be influenced by the small difference in hits.

    Anyway, good to know. Ive got 13 atk speed helmet and 13 atk speed boots...

    What is it for warrior like? did anyone test, whats the cap?

  • The accurate testing must be done with a weapon with no scissors in damage, which you guys don't have while we do.

    The solution to this bug are actually two

    1) Reset the animation at every hit, which would make your character look like he is having epilepsy all the times

    2) Add a % of damage that scales with the attack speed so that it compensate the missing hits.

    This is something the game is born with so it may take some time as is not a priority since the players could play for 10 years without pretty much noticing anything if not in the last years.

  • i posted a solution on my thread that ive seen be implemented on a different server and it worked wonders. as for the testing i tested on many metins on all classes and every time i killed a metin with the same att speed it always came out with the same results, which i believe can be accurate if tested correctly cus maths. this may not seem like a big deal but its an advantage to some players/classes. as ive discussed with another gm i myself am unable to socket and equipt all my items because for mages the 145 att speed is easily surpassed once bios are taken into account.