Anti experience

  • Hello,

    Even if I don't know the incomes the company has because of this mall item (cursed doll) and even if this suggestion affect the economics of the company I will still suggest this.

    I was thinking at first to make the anti-experience option like a simple button next to the skillbar and not as a wearable item that expires. At least for the first month this option should be free because there won't be many guilds to join and many of us would want to stay at a specific level. As we all know, to donate exp to a guild every 5-10 minutes is pretty annoying and even with the cursed doll, sometimes we forget about it and also it uses one of our free slots so we can't use at the same time glove and wind shoes+ and we have to switch every second... Also if you accidentally level-up there is no coming back... It would be so nice if the anti-experience option was free but if this isn't possible at least don't make it free BUT change the wearable item to a button option or something like a check box somewhere and we could activate that option via item-mall. I'm not sure but I think I saw this in another P server (don't remember name and how was it exactly). I hope you got what I mean.


  • I highly agree to that Shadow. However, the game should organically reward high level players in such a way that nobody would want to remain low level. In other words, players should gain significantly more gold as they keep on leveling up.

    The problem is that a level 35 farmer is both cheaper and more efficient than let's say a level 60 one (or was, a few years back when I last played on server 1). This should not be the case under any circumstances. It's unintuitive for a level 36 character to be less gold/time efficient when farming than a level 35 one.

    The question we need to ask is not how to prevent players from staying low level, but how to make them want to level up instead. Why do some players not want to increase in level? How can we change that?

  • I totally get what you are saying and I agree on that, otherwise all the players would miss the whole point of this game. But as Em. well said, it is an actual cheap way to make game-money and grow your main fast. And this is happening from the very beginning of the game. Even 100lv+ players use their low level farmers to farm. By the way, I highly suggest to open a new thread so we can discuss on this and what we should do to change this situation.

    Unfortunately you can't level up straight to high level without pausing on some specific levels for example 35 or 61 or 75 or 90. You need to make some gear and your skills , perhaps your buffer, and that also goes for your team-mates as well. I made more game-money when I was 75 back at s1 and I had to donate exp in every 40minutes, maybe more.

    But let's not missing the point of the idea.

    That anti-experience doesn't have to be good only for the classic 35lv farmer. It can also help high levels on using their free slots more efficiently and prevent mistakes. Me personally I find the cursed doll too expensive for its use and I would suggest to just erase it and make the whole thing free by just enable/disable it with a click or something. The idea is to make this simple task more simple and easy. *You don't even need a guild with this (even if you want to play solo at high-levels)