[FEATURE] Better distribution of the drop of metins when attacked by more than one player

  • Hi there. I wanted to propose a suggestion that would greatly improve the players' experience when it comes to farming metins. The idea is simple: change the formula in which the items that are dropped from a metin are distributed when it is destroyed by more than one player. The idea would be to try to be as fair as possible, since I have always believed that the metin default distribution does not make much sense and is quite unfair to the player who started the metin.

    I have felt that it is quite unfair since always, and that any player who finds the metin almost finished, if he also decides to attack it in the end the drop will end up distributed almost evenly. We could say it in a less formal and more realistic way: if the player decides to steal metins and not respect the other players, he always wins, getting drop that he does not deserve.

    If we put ourselves in ideal situations, what would be more fair is that in the following cases happen the following:

    • If a player starts a metin and another starts attacking it after, the player who started it should get the entire drop.
    • If two players start a metin at almost the same time, the drop should be divided equally.
    • If a player had previously started a metin but at the end he did not finish it several minutes ago, the player who has retaken it should take the entire drop.

    I can think of a series of criteria that could be applied to make it happen in the vast majority of cases. They are the following:

    • When the metin is started by a player and it has lost at least 10% of its maximum life, and no other player deals damage during that time, the drop of the metin will become the player who started it completely. In the opposite case, the drop would be divided among the players who participated in an equivalent way.
    • The previous case would not be valid if the last participating player has not performed damage to the metin for several minutes (for example, two minutes)

    Of course, if the players are in a party, it would not apply any of the above criteria and would simply be distributed equally.

    It is possible that some special cases may not be defined or the percentages or times specified can be readjusted, but I think that the idea of this suggestion is understood.

    That's it. I hope the suggestion is well received by the community, and of course, sg2global staff :)

  • We don't ignore anyone.

    Well at least there was no reply. Many suggestions were met with either agreement or disagreement. Talking only about epvp, for example suggestions about more channels and metins were rejected. Higher respawn of the metins was approved and we got told so.

    Changing the drop formilar was never addressed by a team member, even tho it was suggested several times.

    Thank you for your reply tho, now I can be sure it didn't drown in the other posts.

  • The fact is that the community is divided in many topics and we, as the admins, have to find a good compromise that won't make either parties mad or angry. There are players that wants 1 metin every second but this is not the type of server we created.

    Many players actually don't want too many stones around because obviously the prices of the loots will grow lower and lower in time. With the current population 4 channels are enough. We can also see which stones are in the game and how much time they stay "alive" and in the maps where some players claimed they couldn't find any stones, there are stone that stays alive even 20 minutes.

    We granted the shorter respawn time based on this factor too. As a matter of fact 99% of the player who were unhappy, were satisfied after this change.

    So no we don't ignore anyone or anything, we simply have sometimes harder choices to do to try to please everyone and find a good compromise. For instance we got told, even from epvp about the lack of blessing marble, and after yesterday's patch, they were dropped much much more. Of course we ignore insults and other denigratory names, such as like we are stupid, ignorant, cash grabbers and what not.

    We try often to be up to date to what the players tell us in every platforms but of course this forum will be always the best place for suggestions. Regarding the metin drop is the first time i hear this suggestion.

  • With "ignoring" I literally meant getting ignored. It's your server and you make the decisions, if you dont see something worthy of the server, it's up to you. The drop formula was just simply not addressed by a team member on epvp, it was neither approved nor disapproved. While other suggestions did get addressed whether positively or negatively. I saw at least 2 posts on epvp about this, but as I said, must have gotten drowned/lost in other posts.

    I didnt say you guys are ignoring players period, I meant this particular case. Besides that, I dont see you as cash grabbers and I won't even address other insults. They're ridiculous.

    You are a great team and care about the server, I think everyone can see this.

    I apologize if it came across as something it was not.