A fresh start

  • Hello everyone,

    My real name is Bill but of course you can call me with my in-game name Glutamine. In case you wondering about the name, I love everything about gym-life and nutrition so every in-game name of mine has to do with biology and nutrition, anyway... 8o

    I have been playing this game since the very beginning, back at 2004 at the official servers. I have a lot of experience on every sector of it and I was a really active player for years. Unfortunately, because of some personal reasons I stopped playing about 2 and a half years ago. A main reason was the lack of players. To be honest, almost all my friends (internet and personal friends that were actual Metin2 players) stopped playing as well.

    So after this big break I found time and logged in to Server 1 and an old friend told me about the fresh start of a new server here in Metin2 SG. I am very excited about this and I truly wish everyone that is going to play to have a great start and the most important, to have FUN! ^^

    So, without further introduction, I'm planning on making a new guild on the new server (I'm thinking of keeping the same name as my old guild back at server 1 -> "Progress") and I'm looking for excited active players to start playing with. Of course, if I don't find new members, I'm completely open to suggestions on joining another existed guild and if there is out there a team that needs new members I'm here to play for real!

    Let's all have a great start and remember the good old days 8):thumbup:
    Here is my Discord: