[THE HELPERS] Community Improvement

  • What are the Helpers?

    The Helpers are volunteer players that helps others, in a similiar way to what the real volunteer does in our world.

    They are seasoned players who are familiar with the server and can help new players or those who are in need of basic and daily game's questions.

    Most of the times these players do not need support from the team, but they need help from the players.

    The Helpers will always be at strict contact with the rest of the team to provide the community feedbacks, complains and expectations.

    How does this work?

    Your character's name will appear on everybody's friend list under a new category, Helper.

    The new players can see where or not a Helper is online and ask for advices. Is not huge sacrifice, as it is about to use the time that you think is necessary, to help others.

    Who are we looking for?

    We look for anybody who has passion for this game and want to pass this passion to others, with some kind words, some warm welcome and lots of advices or help if needed. Is not necessary to use loads of your time and there is no schedule, even if, of course if you use only 10 minutes of your time in 1 week, we will take it for granted that you are too busy for this position and this role is not meant for you.

    These are the following requirments:

    • Have at least a basic notions of our updates and features
    • Be able to understand english to communicate with us regarding possible problems. Any other language is also appreciated.
    • Be nice, patient and kind and with a good will of doing something great for the community.
    • Although you are not a real member of the team, you represent us, so act nice to whoever ask your help.


    Send a mail at [email protected]

    Header: SG 2 Global Helper

    Character name : (Apply with the character which you use the most)
    Language/s Spoken

    Brief Description of yourself

    We would also need your Telegram for the helper group.


    SG2 Global Team