My name is Liu-Bang

  • Everyone has it's own version of the story, so i just wanted to post mine... HE STARTED the fight, i was actually minding my own business before that..

    you are my hero, LiuBai a.k.a 'The Helper', you think i stole your name and now you banned me, i hope you are happy, stay there in your own misery, *censored* child:S=O<X:cursing::thumbdown::!::!:

    and if you think those were 'severe insults' you haven't seen anything of this world yet...

    he couldn't wait for me to swear after he provoked me , he was waiting with his finger stuck on the PrtscrnButton.... *censored* x_X

  • what happened exactly? You impersonated and insulted a helper then u got ban simple

    I wouldn't exactly call it impersonation, its jsut a random similarity.


    he didnt start any fight, you straight up started insulting someone due to a missunderstanding.

    And if that wouldn't be enough, as clearly visible on your screenshot, you didnt bother stop insulting, you didnt even receive an Answer but still kept going for ages.

    Thanks for publically posting that proof and even continueing here to further proof, that the punishment was more than fitting.

    Also, as you might have noticed, i changed your bann from 3 days to permanent when i noticed that you already have ~10 Permabanned Accounts and clearly only created this one to start drama.