What do i need to kill the Aqua Dragon?

  • Hello, can anyone tell me what do i need to kill the Aqua dragon boss? Some said lightning resist and devil but how many devil or lightning resist i need to be able to slay the dragon? The aqua dragon deals high damage i noticed. Do i need to use poly? im warrior. Thanks:)

  • x4 arrogance stones (it gives slow hp regeneration but it regenerates for a big amount), this will allow you to get him to enter into his protection phase. When he enters in his protection phase (you deal half of your dmg, you should try and poison him and it should be enough to kill him).

    80% devil, why 80? Well it is quite easy to roll 20 % devil on your items.
    Armour, boots, shield with 5 skill res + pendant with 15 skill res.

    Warrior + sura should not use a poly marble, they should use they 300 attack mounts (because you have aura or blade).

    If you wanna go over the top put as much hp on items as possible and as much FAINT (you can also use toy tops which give 30% chance to stun for 2-3- minutes). I also suggest a minor white dss +4 with skill res (you will receive 8% skill res) --> very cheap to get one. And just to be sure, craft 1-2k of those --> 100hp instant potions and spam them to always be at 100% hp.

    Gl Hf

  • Hi i tried the run first time and failed it. I could tank the dragin well but only issue that it would regenerate hp really fast till full hp i do not know what is wrong or what i am missing but i just gave up and tped to town. Someone please help i would do 16k dmg vs boss.

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  • ''Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out''

    Yeah, that's how it goes, and sometimes fail but can keep trying until success ^^

    Im wondering how much more will be needed to get this ugly thing down, i feel we very close